Password management software

Time to Mo Vaughn

RIP Dernell
SoSH Member
Mar 24, 2008
I'm in Cybersecurity. My company did a bunch of diligence and then went with 1Password.

The migration was effortless, though I haven't rotated my passwords yet and still need to do that.


Mr. Brightside
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Jul 16, 2005
Harrisburg, Pa.
I use Strongbox (I have iOS and Macs) and really like it. It’s a KeePass database so many programs on PC can open the vault if needed. I transferred flawlessly from 1Password. I won’t host my passwords on a password manager server, hence me leaving 1P.


Ronald Bartel
SoSH Member
Jul 19, 2005
FYI - the transition to 1password was dead simple. Download a CSV from Lastpass and import it into 1password. Done.