Orioles Postpone Another Game


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May 21, 2004
Justia Omnibus
Well, no game again tonight in Baltimore, what should have been the second between the White Sox and O's - riot related curfew at 10 PM not conducive to playing a 7 PM game, and I guess the O's are adamant about not "running South" to DC to play in Nationals Park (which is available w/ Nats on the road this week).  Why they can't play these games earlier in the day in Baltimore I don't know - traffic, employee availability, police spread too thin to protect ballpark, other?  Not much good info out there right now on reasons why they can't play day games.
This a scheduling headache in the making, since this is the White Sox only scheduled trip to Baltimore this year.  The Sox play in Minny on Thursday (O's are off), and if I were them, if the O's/MLB is just going to cancel the Thursday game anyways I would just want to get out of town today.  The O's are also supposed to play home games Friday and Saturday nights against Tampa, and kind of doubting the curfew will be lifted by then, so they have to figure out something quick....