Missing Games for Religious Reasons

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This is unusual in my experience. It certainly isn't the case in my hometown, nor does it seem to be the case in surrounding towns, or in the towns where my relatives with young kids live.

I do agree that there's too little regard for religious observance, and we should have more late afternoon games on Saturdays and fewer games on Sunday mornings, but if your community could accommodate all games (or even most of them) on Saturday mornings, you're in the minority.
I should have clarified. The turf fields are rarely available but any activity on the school's fields is focused on the turf fields, leaving most, if not all, of the grass fields available.

Heinie Wagner

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Nov 14, 2001
Simsbury, CT
In short we just don't have enough fields and I don't think it is unique to our town in this area.
Same story here too and as bad as it is for outdoor fields it's much worse for indoor sports like basketball. There is a night each week during winter when we can't use our middle school gym because baton twirlers get it.