Kill Some Time and Listen to SOSHers Discuss Draft Prospects


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Jul 20, 2009
Guys, I apologize for the length of some of these. The truth is I ran out of time this year on Patriots related draft content. I ended up spending about a week or around 170 hours just watching tape alone. Not including notes and writing up mini reports. Then I spent more time looking at athletic testing, coming up with base numbers and thresholds for positions, reading others works like PFF, Bruglar, Lance Z, DJ, The Draft Network, Matt Waldman, Mark Fucking Schofield, etc. and of course the fine folks in the Scho Show Slack channel many who happen to be SOSHers.

This year I will actually figure out how to use Audacity and edit these. The plan is that we'd like to do 2-4 of these during the season to check in on guys who are on rookie and/or UDFA contracts. We also want to tell you about prospects on college teams who we think are good fits for the Pats.

Big thank yous to @Super Nomario, @Alykins32, and @Brand Name

This is our show on corners and safeties.

This is our show on the front-7. It is LONG but we do go over ILB, LB/Edge, and IDL. Wish we talked more about Jordyn Brooks

Our show on tight ends.

Quick edit: I know we talk about editing things and editing them out - I didn't have time. Again - this is the first time we did this so the learning curve got the better of us for it.
Please let me know if any of these don't download. I am not great with technology outside of math/stats applications. I also promise to learn how to do this going forward.