It’s just D-III, but…

Ale Xander

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Oct 31, 2013
My grand nephew is a freshman on the Williams soccer team and last weekend scored the only two goals for the Ephs in their 1st round playoff victory. Next day a PK win over the #1 seed. Sweet 16 baby!
He seems to be the Designated scorer on the team. Congrats!


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The Williams Ephs played their hearts out and took it to the limit, a heartbreaking 1-0 loss (ok 2-0, second goal was an empty netter) to UChicago in the final. I went down to see the game Saturday. Great atmosphere and venue in Salem VA courtesy of Roanoke College.

I suggest a title change for this thread. The top D3 soccer conferences, ie NESCAC, rival all but maybe the very top D1 programs. The top D1 and D3 schools (esp top academic D3s) pull from the same talent pools (All-American/Region, top MLS Next teams and players etc). The difference is the level of commitment to school over sport (and athletic $).

So how about D3 Rocks, Baby!