If you run Win 8.1 Pro x64 ...


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If you are stubborn like me and are running 8.1 you're most likely to be running the x64 Pro or Ultimate. If you havn't been allowing all updates or otherwise just want to check that you have all the relevant security updates that really matter, it can be tedious to find and download them as standalone files. I have the relevant updates compacted in 2 rar files. One covers all of 2018 thru November and the 2nd covers 11/18 thru 7/19. Together the 2 files total around 2 gig and includes 43 patches. There is nothing inside these files except the pristine .msu patches direct from MS. If anyone wants to update, or just check they have caught all the updates (if you already have any of these patches installed, it will simply announce that fact and abort the install), pm me and I'll be happy to share.