Hey, the Foxboro Revolutions are playing again!

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Had dinner with a US Soccer Foundation employee, and the two things he mentioned hurting soccer recently is the loss of local TV and . . . Pickleball.

tV for the kids, pickleball for taking over small asphalt sites that otherwise might become futsal pitches


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Mar 31, 2013
Nice win last night, going down 1-0 at the half to DC and coming back with two goals in the second half to win it. The first goal was a gorgeous piece of work by Bou, taking down a Gil lob into the box with his chest, pushing the ball around his defender with the first touch and then slotting it home. Second goal was less glamorous, a deflected shot by Arlington's own Noel Buck, but it was the match winner.

Barring that waxing by LAFC, it's been a great start for the Revs as they sit on top the Eastern Conference after five games. Dorde Petrovic has been massive in goal to start the season; remove the LAFC game and they've only conceded one goal in four games.


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Aug 19, 2009
Bou has been dangerous if not lethal. Had a few good chances to get them up 1-0 in the first half. Did well to slot that far post and his celebration with Gil was a nice throwback to seasons before when they were a killer combo.

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Dec 15, 2002
The Revs' academy is producing above-average results now (?!), pretty much all of a sudden. It's pretty wild. They hardly bothered to sign anybody over the years because they didn't have much to sign, and now things are really flowing, especially with a modest bump from nationwide recruiting efforts.

Diego Fagundez '95 (Leominster, MA) signed ahead of the 2011 season and Scott Caldwell '91 (Braintree, MA) signed ahead of 2013. The Revs got a ton of mileage out of those guys, but they only signed one guy — Zach Herivaux '96 (Brookline, MA) — over the next five years and he didn't work out. In 2018 they signed two more guys — Isaac Angking '00 (Providence, RI) and Nicolas Firmino '01 (Somerville, MA) — who had even less of an impact than Herivaux.

In 2019, they signed Justin Rennicks '99 (Hamilton, MA) and Damian Rivera '02 (Cranston, RI), who are both still on the roster but are still fringe.

Then starting in 2022 the Revs signed Noel Buck '05 (Arlington, MA), Esmir Bajraktarevic '05 (Appleton, WI), Jack Panayotou '04 (Cambridge, MA), and Santiago Suarez '05 (Rocklin, CA). Buck is doing really well already, and some rate Bajraktarevic even higher than Buck. Panayotou immediately went into the first-team rotation, and Suarez's deal doesn't kick in until 2024 so he's solely in MLS Next Pro.

The next bigger name to come through the pipeline is Peyton Miller '07 (Unionville, CT), who is a left back who is currently started in MLS Next Pro. I won't be surprised if the Revs give him an MLS deal soon.