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Jul 12, 2008
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If anyone can do this it’s Google. But:

I had an OnLive. Even with high bandwidth (>100Mbps), it sucked. Input lag made undemanding games like Arkham City too floaty to play.

PSNow also sucks, but currently my bandwidth tops out at 25Mbps.

This is intriguing, but I’m skeptical.


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Jul 24, 2007
Controller looks uncomfortable. Other than that, this seems not unreasonable to me. OnLive was too early and PSNow is being done by...well...Gaikai, and I have no reason to think Gaikai was ever competent.

I'm just gonna quote myself, from elsewhere:

I'm not super sure, anymore, about latency being as big a deal. Particularly with regards to monitors. Display lag on a large TV can be upwards of 50ms *by itself*; display lag on a monitor can be as low as 5ms. If you're viewing this as a competitor to low-end, relatively lightweight console play, the total lag of display plus network is actually maybe not *that* bad. Also, living in Boston I was seeing 16ms pings on Google's service when I tried it out, which might be an adoption factor. 16ms plus a monitor's display lag is going to be competitive with most HDTVs.

That level of lag definitely makes some games implausible. (Part of why I bought a big-ass OLED is that newer TVs, but particularly OLEDs, seem to have generally consistent display lag; being able to play Tekken 7 on a 55" screen with only 21ms of lag is nice, but to do it on my old LCD is like playing underwater.) But I think it's going to be more practical for more games than the current conventional wisdom suggests.


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Aug 1, 2006
When will video makers learn that if the music overwhelms the voice-over in a lot places we aren't getting all the info?
I watched at the office and I had my sound turned low. I heard the voices fine and didn't even hear any of the music.
Unless the reuploaded it since

Either way, I'm skeptical, but it will happen for us eventually and will get better over time


Dragon Wangler
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Jul 15, 2005
Is there any word on the type of content we're talking about? Unless this is mostly indies and first party games, I can't imagine ever wanting to buy games via streaming service vs a ps4 or pc.


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May 28, 2006
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I did the Assassin's Creed: Odyssey playtest at the end of last year. My first couple weeks with it were shockingly good, considering the sometimes-carppy Verizon wifi and ancient PC setup I was using. When the connection was good, I was getting a console-like experience. When the connection struggled, the visual quality would dip and I'd get hitches, but for what it was I was pretty ok with it.

A couple weeks in it suddenly took a nosedive, frequently booting me out to the login screen during play. I could always get right back to my session with the game paused right where I left off, but it put a big wound in an otherwise very enjoyable experience. Never was able to determine if it was because my Verizon modem/router decided to stop playing nice with their cloud or what, and the playtest didn't have the sort of robust knowledge base and support options that I would expect a launched product to have.

Based on all that, I'm cautiously optimistic. The good was very good, and even the problems that came up later demonstrated a little of their ability to instantly hold and jump back into a saved state. Their dedicated cloud hardware looks pretty impressive, and gives me more assurance that they're taking this seriously and not just trying a "look what we can do" show. I'd like to see them talking about pushing providers to up their bitrate and stability game too.