Google Forms / Other software for player evaluations


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Mar 1, 2002
Our local youth league has coaches evaluate players at the end of the season, from 1-5 across about ten categories. This is highly manual today, with coaches often filling out a sheet and at times taking a picture of it to send to the coaching coordinator who then rekeys the info, etc.

I am looking to modernize the process. What I need:
  1. goes into form and picks their team from a drop down
  2. Coach then picks their name from a drop down
  3. The players for that team pre populate down the left hand side while ranking categories populate across the top (having to eval each kid independently without being able to see all at once is not an option)
  4. Within the resulting grid, coaches can enter scores 1-5 or pick from a drop down.
  5. Coach hits submit and the info feeds to sheets / excel to be compiled.

Rod Becks Mullet

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Aug 9, 2001
Are you okay with coaches seeing others replies? We use Google docs to do it. Each team has its own column to fill out. You could always make each team have their own tab.