Gammons: 2013 Red Sox Retrospective


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Oct 20, 2015
10 years ago this year. Gammons hints a lot of players will be back on Patriot's Day against the Angels.

I'll paste one passage that stuck out to me, rest is behind a paywall...

A few days after his impassioned speech, Ortiz hit a shallow pop fly to right field. He was angry, and never made it to first base. When he got back to the dugout, Pedroia began tearing into him, loudly enough that everyone else on the team could hear, telling Ortiz that “We’re not going to win anything if we do things like that. If we’re going to win, we’re going to have to play the game right every pitch of the season.”

“We were in shock,” recalls Dempster. “A lot of us looked at Farrell. He’s been managing for less than a month. Then David says, ‘Pedey, you’re right, I’m wrong, and it won’t happen again. If you think it does, you let me know. Thankfully, this is your team.’”

Middlebrooks says, “the young players on the team all looked at one another, amazed that we’re on a team where a (guy) about 5-foot-6 disciplines one of the greatest home run hitters who ever lived, because this was a team. A lot of the veterans talked about ‘we, not me.’ Well, that was what this team was all about.”
edit: one more...

Even though Boston’s 97-65 regular season mark tied the Cardinals for the best record in the majors, there was an eerie feeling that the regular season had been a feat of emotion, not cold hardball reality. The Red Sox won the ALDS against the Rays, who had knocked them out of the 2008 ALCS in seven games. But the Tigers? They had Anibal Sanchez — fourth in the Cy Young voting that year — Verlander, and Scherzer to start the first three games, with another future Cy Young Award winner, Rick Porcello, in the bullpen.

“There’s no question they were the better team,” says Gomes.

Unbeknownst to Gomes, several of his teammates had gone to Farrell to try to convince him not to use a Gomes-Nava platoon in left field but to instead start Gomes in every game. They won. By then Victorino had convinced Farrell to allow him to give up switch-hitting and only bat right-handed because of a bad hip and thumb and because Victorino believed he was “a natural right-handed batter.”
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Jul 15, 2005
Thanks, Deadly Splitter, for both the Gammons article and video.

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Aug 1, 2001
Salty with an amazing self-deprecating story at the end of that video, starts around the 58 minute mark.

In the minor leagues, one heckler had the best line about how long his name is: "Hey Salty, you shouldn't wear your name on your back, you should wear it on your ass, it would fit better!"