Figure skating 2024 and beyond.

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If you don't believe me, watch this.

Our family friend Ilia Malinin just demolished the world record for men's figure skating at ISU World's with six perfect quads. He's the first and only skater to land a quad axel in competition.

Only the second American man in fifteen years to take home gold at World's.
His free skate was spectacular. But what's most impressive is he saved all three combos for the second half to maximize the point value, but also made his last element event MORE difficult. 4 lutz - 1 euler - 3 Axel? Are you kidding me? And yes, presentation is his weak spot, but he's 19 and got plenty of time to put that together. His short programs tend to be uptempo and adventurous, and the free skates slower in tempo, but more ponderous and heavier. And you've got to feel for Yuma Kagiyama, being a year older than Ilia and silver for the 3rd year in a row. Adam Siao Him Fa impressed the hell out of me too. That free skate blew me away, and had he skated more cleanly in the short, he could have won the silver.

Also of note is that the ladies regained their third spot, thanks to Isabeau Levito's silver medal and Amber Glenn's 9th place finish. Isabeau is almost like 1996 Michelle Kwan right now: old school, yet fresh. She can land the jumps, and has a full technical arsenal, and uses strictly classical pieces; she's quite balletic, gentle, and graceful. With Alysa Liu coming out of her retirement, the 2026 Olympic cycle is going to be very, very interesting, with gold medal possibilities in 3 of the 4 disciplines, and they could get gold in the team event too.

Also, worlds is in Boston in 2025! I attended much of it in 2016 in Boston, and it was a blast.