Export from Outlook for Mac to user-friendly format.


Sunny von Bulow
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Jan 10, 2004
The 718
Hi everyone.

I’m folding up my law practice and joining another firm. My soon to be ex partner and I have massive Outlook for Mac databases going back 20 years. These are incredible resources and we’d like to have them in searchable form, including attachments. Trouble is to search them in native format means searching them from the Outlook client, snd our it guy has done a trial setup where all the database files are accessible but in order to search it’s got to reconstruct from archives and it’s too slow, too brittle, and maxes out what the client can handle. It “works,” but barely, and it will soon choke on the volume of data if it hasn’t already.

Outlook for Mac databases are .olm files. I’d like to export the emails in a searchable-text-plus-blob (attachments, also searchable) format. Having them accessible as emails per se is not important. They’re not going to be used as such, ie replied to or forwarded. Strictly for reference. They don’t even have to be accessible through an email interface, or any kind of browsable interface, we just want to throw them on a drive or an Dropbox and run searches against them. Acceptable formats might be txt, pdf, html? even csv?

I think this would be easier if they were first converted to .pst (Outkook for Windows) but now I’m bumping against the limit of what I know.

What do you think?



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Jul 15, 2005
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I'm sure other people here can give you much more nuanced and detailed help, but my understanding was that if the files are on a mailbox located on an Exchange server, they are accessible by either Outlook for Mac or Outlook for Windows.

There also appears to be at least one commercial targeted solution that doesn't appear too skeevy by my untrained eye