Crack .pdf password


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Feb 4, 2006
I have a document that's several years old (maybe 4 or 5) and has a password on it to prevent it from being opened. Any bright ideas on how to crack it?


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Oct 2, 2004

It appears that much older PDF files, v1.3 and down are sort of trivial to hack. 2.0 and up use "real" cryptography, and I think 4-5 years ago you'd likely have a v2.0 PDF (you can look at "document properties" on a mac, and probably something similar on a PC to find the version: )

There may be some free/demoware things mentioned in that quora that can create a non-password-protected PDF from a protected one, but I suspect they depend on it being the older version. If they are free you might give them a shot.

If it's a new PDF and a strong, unknown password you are pretty screwed, I'm sad to say.