Cloning MVNE drive to larger MVNE drive?

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Got a nice price on a gaming laptop on Prime Day. It came with a 128gb MVNE m2 SSD stick, and a 1TB HDD. I'm interested in upgrading the 128gb MVNE to something larger, when the opportunity presents itself.

I've cloned drives before (usually hdd to ssd), but always with a USB cable going out to the new drive, which I dont think would work going out to a MVNE stick?

Is there any easy way to clone the MVNE to another MVNE? Is it possible/would it make sense to clone the 128gb onto the 1TB hdd transitionally, and then from the 1TB hdd to the new MVNE?

(googleing it either doesnt take into acct a hdd being present in the system, or concerns ssd to stick ssd with the stick newly installed into an open slot.)
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