Cleveland Indians to become the Cleveland Guardians


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So MLB & Cleveland’s Baseball Team is basically approaching this like a deal for a new stadium:

Guardians: “your franchise is valued at over $1Billion, I’m sure we can engage in the spirit of capitalism and come to a fair agreement.”

Cleveland Baseball Team: “we think you should just give it to us. Wait… I have 41 cents in my pocket, how about that?”

The Talented Allen Ripley

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Oct 2, 2003
MetroWest, MA
Agreement reached.

The announcement of an agreement came this morning from the derby team’s legal counsel in the former of a very terse statement:

“The Cleveland Guardians Baseball Company, LLC and Guardians Roller Derby are pleased to announce an amicable resolution of the lawsuit filed by Guardians Roller Derby, whereby both organizations will continue to use the Guardians name.”

The counsel also announced neither side would be commenting on the settlement.


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Aug 4, 2005
Is there a specific rule in MLB that doesn't allow players to wear rollerskates?
Rule 3.03(i): "No player shall attach anything to the heel or toe of his shoe other than the ordinary shoe plate or toe plate. . . ."