Cardona: Football no longer mimics war

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Apr 25, 2002
Joe Cardona will a compelling piece.

In this day in age, individualism has encroached on professional and amateur football, rules of uniform regulations are loosely enforced, and celebrations are embraced for the value they can bring from TikTok views or Instagram likes. Media revenue surrounding football has grown tremendously, leading to both players and teams looking to find a way to monetize social media, fantasy sports, legalized gambling or whatever technology will surely emerge in the future. Analysts, fans, coaches and players alike talk about football, in particular the NFL, getting “soft.”

The cliché that football builds toughness is not as universally believed as it once was. This is based on player attitudes, reduced commitments to one team and increased compensation. However, it can be argued that football’s movement away from comparisons to the battlefield of war is for the best. Football is safer, and it offers young men, a majority of whom are men of color, a platform and the resources to receive an education and build generational wealth that may not have otherwise been available to them.