Bruins v. Blues


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Dec 12, 2004
Cambridge, MA
Cehlarik’s looked right at home there two games. Gotta love how Wagner’s been playing as well... Happy to chalk him up as a win for pro scouting (alongside Nordström).

Wagner - Kuraly - Backes until Nordström’s back is a hell of a fourth line.


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Jan 13, 2009
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Cehlarik looks like he belongs. He just has that "it" factor with the puck -- he's composed with it on his stick, he can protect it, he knows where other people on the ice are, and he can generally move the puck to a better place either by passing or skating with it. It sounds stupid, but there's plenty of decent players in the NHL who really can't do all those things. And it's really valuable. He doesn't seem to have 1st line upside or anything like that, but he's a nice player who belongs on this team more than a few guys currently on the roster.

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