Bruins @ Blues


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Dec 12, 2004
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4-0-1 without Pastrnak. Tuukka continues to be a stud and Halak’s getting back in form.

20 games until the likely Toronto series. Habs up 3-1 which, if it holds, pulls them within 6 points of the B’s, leaving Toronto 5 back with a game in hand.


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Just got home - the ice was crap (we had glass seats). Like Brawler said, it was warm and humid outside and in the building.

Every year when the B's come to town we get tickets at the end where they shoot twice. Of course, this afternoon, both goals in regulation were scored at the other end.

Still glad it was a good game, though.

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Jan 17, 2011
Probably off-topic, but is there a best time of year to visit the KC area? Was considering time in Emporia later this year, and wanted to avoid any super-unpleasant spots if there were any.
I’m just here on a one year assignment so I am not an expert. Most people seem to say September is the best month. July and August are very hot and humid. So perhaps around Labor day?