Brock Holt and the Jimmy Fund.


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Dec 4, 2009
For those unaware, Brock has been a huge part of the Jimmy Fund since being traded to Boston,
so much so that he has been the Co-captain of the JF the past four years,

Today, the Athletic posted an extremely touching story about Brock Holt and his wife Lakyn regarding their work with the Jimmy Fund this Christmas

I am only going to post the opening, since the whole story is worth a read (and a click!)
With a week to go before Christmas, Brock Holt’s oversized black pickup turns off of Brookline Avenue and up to the front door of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Brock and his wife, Lakyn, know exactly which entrance to use. And, no, they don’t mind taking the stairs.

In two days, they’ll celebrate their son’s second birthday. In three days, they’ll fly to visit Lakyn’s family in Pennsylvania. But on this frozen Boston morning, they have an appointment with Santa Claus in the third-floor lobby of the Jimmy Fund Clinic.

“Nice to meet you, Santa,” Brock says, greeting his partner for the day. “This is my wife, Lakyn. I know you’re busy this time of year, so this is very nice of you.”

There are no kids around. This is simply the way Brock Holt talks to Santa Claus.

“Come on, Santa,” Brock says, as the Holts gather for a picture with a cart full of gift bags from New Balance. Each bag is loaded with items Brock and Lakyn personally selected. There are soft blankets and fuzzy socks. The basic theme is warmth and comfort. The Holts had asked to stuff the bags themselves, but New Balance talked them out of it. The shoe company has people for that sort of thing.

With their picture taken, Holt removes the novelty Santa hat he’s been wearing and replaces it with a backward brown baseball cap. Lakyn’s mother is a teacher outside Pittsburgh, and her students made dozens of red holiday cards, which Lakyn holds in a bag to give the kids. Brock holds another bag chock full of 125 Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards, which he and Lakyn picked up the night before.


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Jul 15, 2005
Yeah Brock did a good thing. Good because when you use a longer word you start to cry a little bit.

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Sep 24, 2007
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Given the nature of our world, I often feel like a crusty, cynical old man. And while the Red Sox are an escape from that world, I sometimes carry my cynicism over to this forum.

That is a story that stomps all over any sort of cynicism one can have.

It comes up alot in various threads. Last year it was even suggested he be released to save on payroll. I`m included in this. Just thought a joke would be fun, sorry. This is why I post so little. I`m better at sarcasm in person.
You are not wrong.

Holt has been a useful player for the Sox, but what we now know was his battle with post-concussion symptoms and vertigo turned him into a player who seemed done after the 2017 season. And yes, there were a lot of calls for the Sox to simply release him in April.

On-field results make it clear that those assessments were wrong. Off-field actions like the story here make it obvious why we should be rooting for Holt to retire as a member of the Red Sox.

Thanks for posting, @soxhop411 .