BbtL/Patriots Nation Super Bowl Roll Call


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Jul 14, 2005
Berkeley, CA
Berkeley, CA - alone with friends online. My Yankees/NY Giants fan wife has no interest and will be locking me in the TV room with food and booze. I'll be following along with the SOSH thread as per standard procedure for any Pats/Sox game.

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Jul 15, 2005
Meeting Place, Canada
Buffalo, NY. At home alone, pretty Pats-hostile territory. Great fans here though. 
After 2013 there were a bunch of random sox fans wandering local bars and we all had shots so it'd be nice to do that again. 


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Jul 19, 2005
Kingston, Nova Scotia
Will be watching with my son, in my living room here in Kingston, Nova Scotia. Will be eating chicken wings and drinking beer, as I try to follow the Game Thread while watching the game.

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Feb 8, 2009
New York City
NYC. East Village/Stuyvesant Town at my sister's. Only a few blocks from Professor Thom's but that bar's going to be a zoo with more than a few tourists. In addition we saw them win their first one against the Rams together, and that was when she wasn't in town, so this is preferable. Go Pats!

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Dec 25, 2003
Peace Dale, RI
Wakefield RI.. dry rub ribs/wings and chip n dip.. watching at home with Norm-ette and our 4 year old.. but if it's close, probably alone due my inability to not shout emphatically at the TV when there is a bad call or a score by the the other team.

Al Zarilla

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Dec 8, 2005
San Andreas Fault
scotian1 said:
Will be watching with my son, in my living room here in Kingston, Nova Scotia. Will be eating chicken wings and drinking beer, as I try to follow the Game Thread while watching the game.
No fear about chicken wings barbeque or other sauce on your keyboard? 
Saratoga, CA. I disinvited my son and his family (wife and my two grandchildren) because I wanted this one alone. I am a bad man. Boston/NE fandom is a bitch.


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Aug 3, 2005
Outer Space
San Jose, California
My in-laws are from Long Island and will be watching with me (i did NOT invite them)
This afternoon, I will be serving revenge, chilled to near freezing, with a side of GOAT cheese


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Jul 11, 2002
Morris County NJ
Chatham, NJ, with my sort-of interested 10-year-old daughter for most of the first half. I'll be watching the game thread and checking in via FB or text with friends and family in Boston, the Cape, and Worcester. I'll also try to reach my younger brother, who'll be at the game. Go Pats!


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Jul 15, 2005
Portland, ME
At home in Portland, Maine. With my already nervous 9yo son, borderline interested wife, and could not care less (except for Katy Perry) 9yo daughter.


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Apr 23, 2010
Seattle, WA
Seattle, WA. Watching with two die hard Seahawk fan friends and two who don't really watch much football.

Don't want to hear any fireworks tonight.


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Oct 30, 2004
Tulum, Mexico, with three friends that don't care about football at all. They just changed the time zone here today, so the game's at 6:30, not 5:30. I'm gonna go for a swim.


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Jan 4, 2006
Denver, only physically
I'll be in the bedroom for the game while the wife has her crafts group over, as is the case most Sunday nights here in our mostly orthodox-Jewish corner of Pikesville, MD.  The locals, while being Ravens fans, are not fanatics and will be sincere in their Mazel-Tovs if the world works as we want it to work later on today.  What's funny is that a few of the locals, knowing that we moved here from Denver (we lived in Denver from 1980 to early 2013), think I am a Broncos fan, as contrasted to knowing that I spent the first 32 years of my life in Boston before we moved to Denver and that my soul never left Roxbury, Brighton, and Framingham.  I won't be drinking, as I want to have the option to remember as much of this event as I can.  I think I want this victory as much for the rest of you guys as I want it for myself, as you are all one more family to which I belong.  By the way, Brady's teeth never looked as white as when we was recently under the weather - so we can call that scandal: Coldgate!


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Nov 19, 2006
Jamaica Plain
Jamaica Plain, with wife and kid, the latter of whom will be in bed when the Pats go up 14 - 0 with 5 minutes to go in the 1st quarter.
Wearing Vrabel jersey. 12 reception in his career, for 12 TDs.
Belichick / Brady are 10 - 0 in the postseason when facing a team for the first time that season. Let's go to 11.


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Aug 4, 2005
Washington DC, hosting friend from Grafton MA and his son, who begins an internship here tomorrow. More Pats fans always welcome.


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Jul 16, 2005
Los Angeles, at home, just me and my baby and my wife who really doesn't care about football. Going Mexican -- chips and guac, Pacifico beer, fish tacos.
Got no invites to a Super Bowl party -- people know better.


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Aug 1, 2005
Gorham, Maine in our new house. My 2 year old son And my wife.

No party. Hosted the last SB we were in and will not do that again.

And as always lurking with the best fans on the net.

Wings, chili, expletives, and plenty of beer after my son hits bed.


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Aug 8, 2005
Virginia Beach, VA
Virginia Beach, VA, alone with a crockpot of chili and some Bell's Two Hearted Ale (unless my brother stops by). I normally watch the Super Bowl at a friend's house but he and his family are virulently anti-Patriots and I just can't tolerate hearing about all the ways the Patriots are cheaters in their fevered imaginings.


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Mar 31, 2013
Waltham-Mass. Came back from school in North Adams, Mass. to watch the game with my dad. I'm probably going to miss some classes because of the snowstorm, so a Pats win will do me a lot of good.


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Aug 10, 2005
DaughtersofDougMirabelli said:
East Longmeadow, MA
Having a small gathering (10 or so) at the new house we moved into last weekend. 
Cool. My hometown.
I will be watching from my house in Fayetteville, NC, with the wife and two youngest.


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Dec 30, 2005
Fairfax VA, with my wife who is dealing with bronchitis.

That bronchitis saved me from a SB party surrounded by Washington fans who have been hounding me for rooting for "cheaters".


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Jul 15, 2005
Portland, OR
Behind enemy lines in Portland, OR
Watching with a small group of friends. One of those friends has a girlfriend that doesn't shut up during the game. Ain't happening today.