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Yukon Cornelius
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Mar 19, 2004
Missoula, MT

This Patriots season has been amazing. As fans, we continue to witness something that is without precedent in major sports in their respective histories. It has truly been a pleasure to enjoy, follow, and analyze this team. This remains true over the last 20 years. I'm sure we are all thrilled to have the current and future opportunities this team offers.

The Patriots are only one team in the NFL and this forum has many fans from other teams. Discussion about other teams can be limited and, sometimes, frustrating for those fans for a number of reasons. Likewise, discussion about the Patriots can be frustrating.

This is one of the best sites for discussion about Xs and Os, coaching, strategy, injuries, etc. As a forum, we pride ourselves on content, context, facilitating discussion and deeper dives into all things football. We do so with effort, thought, and taking the time to craft posts that move the discussion forward.

This sport is also an emotional one in which all of us invest time year- round to follow our favorite teams. It's part and parcel of what makes us fans of sport and is a welcome respite from day-to-day stresses, minutia, and actually working.

With that said and moving forward through this season and beyond, we would like to focus attention on a few things:
  • Please put some effort and thought into your posts. There are a number of posters who would post more if we keep the signal healthy and the noise in gamethreads. One or two word posts are not moving discussion forward. Likewise, your fantasy team can be discussed in the appropriate forum
  • Be respectful of threads about other teams. Keep noise out of those threads. Not everything needs to be brought back to the Patriots. The latest Seahawks thread on the potential of trading Russell Wilson is a great example. The Dolphins thread is fantastic and we applaud Dolphin fans for their contribution to this site. Same with the Raiders thread
  • Use the gamethreads for emotional posting. There are two gamethreads each week (Pats and NFL weekly) for exactly those type of posts. Please use them to celebrate when we win or not when we lose or just following other games
  • In the gameball/game goat threads, please don't just list players. Give us context on why you feel the player/coach deserves credit or blame
  • No V&N. This is absolute and there is a zero tolerance policy on this. Anything remotely political will earn a suspension.
  • No trolling in any form. Also zero tolerance.
  • Enjoy yourself, have fun, and continue to raise the quality of this site
BBtL mods will be actively working with all posters to ensure quality and fostering discussion. Removal of posts that add nothing, timeouts from threads and the forum are all things that will be used moving forward. Any questions about this can be made in Backwash.


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