Arsenal 22-23: Time to Deliver the Goods

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Mar 24, 2008
Their depth does suddenly look a lot better. That they had key injuries at a bad time and played well and stayed on top of the league has got to be a big confidence boost. That sort of situation is how they dropped out of the champions league spots last year. This is a much deeper team than that one. Their next 5 league games have a trip to Anfield and then a bunch of bottom half teams. Liverpool is playing better and will be a challenge, but they should be able to rotate in the other games and work around the Europa league matches. Then comes a tough 4 game stretch against City, Chelsea, Newcastle, and Brighton. That is going to be the deciding section of the season. There are also only two games after that, so that's kind of obvious.
Looks like someone missed their game at Bournemouth on Saturday...

Liverpool will also be at the tail end of a tough stretch that features @City, @Chelsea and then vs. Arsenal all within 8 days that should hopefully be of benefit for Arsenal.

More seriously, echoing what MMS said that it was great to have this all locked up by halftime on Sunday due to the ability to bring in subs earlier and save both some legs as well as some wear and tear. Trossard has been such a fabulous addition for this team. It's not just his skill level, but his playing style seems to really work well with Arteta's system. I actually think that Nketiah's injury may have been a blessing in disguise for Arsenal as I have been a bit underwhelmed by Eddie. The number of opportunities he seems to have has been impressive, but seems like his conversion was too low and I had wanted to see Martinelli up top. I really like this look of Martinelli and Trossard switching back and forth between the striker and left wing spots during the run of play. I think that also has been a bit better for Martinelli's legs, as he had been looking a bit sluggish coming out of the World Cup(despite not getting a whole lot of run there).

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Jul 2, 2006
Nice win against Palace yesterday to make it six league wins on the bounce since losing to City. We're doing what we need to do in a soft part of the schedule.

I think to get over the line we need around 20-21 points from our last 10 matches. City will be playing at least 14 and up to 18 matches so its very hard to see them going on a perfect run the rest of the league season. I think they'll drop 5-7 points somewhere and end up in the 87-89 point range.

Given how difficult the schedule looks, we're going to need to be able to lean into our best 13-14 players during our remaining 10 matches to get to 89-90 points and so going out of the Europa League is likely a big benefit. In particular, with Tomiyasu seemingly done for the year, the right side of our defense is looking really thin. We need to get Saliba back and then keep him and Ben White healthy for ten games. Rob Holding was great against Palace but if our title charge depends on him starting a significant number of additional matches its likely to end badly.

Zinny is next level, especially at the end of this video.



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Dec 1, 2000
Arsenal taking on the MLS all stars this summer. This season’s EPL race is just a warm up for the intercontinental challenge.