ARod’s Shattered Dreams of Joining Boston


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Apr 17, 2003
The MLBPA position on that was so ridiculous, and as I recall later hypocritically avoided in other transactions too.

But it all worked out for us in the end....


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Nov 11, 2006
London, England
Well I just went and looked up Magglio Ordonez's career numbers since I remember being devastated he was going to replace Manny.

Who knew he randomly put up a 1029 OPS season at age 33 bookended by two good not great years?
It's interesting., Ordonez was a FA after 2004, I wonder if they would have tried to re-sign him. He wasn't a disaster with Detroit -- one kick ass year in 2007 and a bunch of OK ones, 13.5 WAR in 7 years. Over the same period, Manny has 18.6 WAR.
Just to put a bit of context on Ordóñez - his 2004 and part of his 2005 season were heavily compromised by 2 surgeries he had following a collision with Willie Harris. On a talent basis the trade was more than sound for the Sox (without the knowledge how good Lester would become of course) but, like most people here, I'm quite happy how things turned out to say the least!