A thread made out of boredom: Lets play a game! Create a team.

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Aug 28, 2006
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I'm bored, lets play a game.  My friends and I do this from time to time.  Create a starting 11.  The catch is you can only use one player from each league and there can't be two of the same nationality.  Try to make them look somewhat realistic..ie, don't have Ronaldo as a center midfielder, PHIL JONES as a striker...
Here's what I come up with:

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Jul 2, 2006

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Feb 10, 2010
What I came up with:
--------------------------Teo Gutierrez---Luiz Adriano
Memphis Depay---Marco Verratti---William Carvalho---David Silva
Marcelo--------------Ezequiel Garay---Daniel Agger-----Phillipp Lahm
--------------------------------Jose Jesus Corona
I figured it would be easier to fill out the tougher positions like fullback with guys from the top leagues, which is why I went with, for example, Marcelo over Messi.
FWD: Gutierrez was South American footballer of the year last year at River Plate and was a starter for Colombia at the World Cup. Adriano is Shakhtar Donetsk's all-time leading scorer and has become an early regular for Dunga in his second stint with Brazil. I figured I couldn't go wrong with either of them.
MID: Depay I remember from the World Cup as well, he probably has a big career ahead of him. Verratti is already a star, Carvalho is a great player who also will probably move to a big team that needs a defensive midfielder soon. Silva was actually the last guy I added since I knew I could find someone from the EPL to put anywhere, and ended up needing someone at wide midfield. You could also put di Maria, Hazard, etc. in his place I suppose.
DEF: Marcelo and Lahm are pretty self-explanatory. Garay, formerly of Real Madrid and Benfica, is still a really good player and was a starter for Argentina in the World Cup. Agger I stole from Zomp, good catch picking him- I'm not sure how good he's doing in Denmark, but he was always a great player.
GK: Corona is getting a bit old but people forget, he was neck-and-neck with Memo Ochoa to be Mexico's starting GK in the World Cup. Ochoa obviously had a great cup, but Corona is still no slouch either.
EDIT: ...aaand I just realized I have no one from Italy. I think I over-thought it.

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Aug 30, 2001
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----------Jermaine Jones--Pepe--Grosskreutz---------
E. Diouf1--Michael Brown--Materazzi2--N. De Jong
------------ZLATAN----Anelka3----Diego Costa---------
1 Bet you didn't know he was still playing in the Malaysian 2nd division.
2 Bet you didn't know he was still playing in the Indian Premier League.
3 Bet you didn't know he was still playing in Indonesia.
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