6/12 - Finals Game 3 @ DAL – Five Wear Green


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Apr 23, 2010
“I think the Mavs really found something tonight. This is a series now”. Ryen Russillo right now, probably.
“Maybe I need to recalibrate my Jaylen opinion but he played a lot of hero ball! I was just amazed watching Luka play. Has anyone won series mvp when their team got swept?”


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Jul 31, 2007
Crunch time road warriors!!!!!

Get the feeling they survived Mavs' best in this game, both in the first and in the 4th. Honestly, not much more Dallas can do at this point.


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Sep 12, 2022
Not how I expected any of these games to play out but Crltics winning even when they're not at their best. Prior years they would have gone tight and blown that lead entirely