23/24 Europa League: Staggering around Temple Bar


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Jul 15, 2005
Glasgow, Scotland
Atalanta are up 2-0. Both goals by Ademola Lookman. Re the first goal there was a bit of lax defending so I immediately thought of this Blanco bar (he has the best soccer bars and it's not even close to being close)

Jakes in the rear lookman Ademola
Scared so he lost his composure

I've watched a few Atalanta games this season and i still fancied Alonso's men to win this...he's got his work cut out now though. Another half to go so there's time. But fair play to Atalanta.

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Jul 22, 2006
Scott Parker being shitty cost him his job at Fulham.

I enjoyed the hell out of that game today...only saw the last 65 minutes or so but it was fun watching those two go at it.