2019 ALCS - Yankees vs. Astros - General Gamethread

DeJesus Built My Hotrod

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Dec 24, 2002
So now either the Nationals win or we hear about how the Astors' "dynasty" got interrupted by one of the greatest teams to ever play, the 2018 Red Sox.

I can live with this.
The Yankees were eliminated tonight. None of that other stuff matters at all. Just kick back and enjoy the World Series without extra baggage.


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Jun 11, 2004
Out of respect for the excellent posters here that are NY fans, Ill just say great game, and off to BostonSports biased forums to screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Ferm Sheller

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Mar 5, 2007
Wonder if they’re gonna cut away from this celebration shit to show Judge cutting the ball off in the outfield again.

E5 Yaz

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Apr 25, 2002
Lost in all of this is the fact that embedded Red Sox Ryan Pressly might have gotten the three biggest outs of this series