2/28 @Flames


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Jan 27, 2006
Bergy was robbed on a great pass from Charlie. So they decided to trade places with a fine result.

Mystic Merlin

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Sep 21, 2007
Hartford, CT
Gotta suck to be a Flames fan right now. They desperately need points, and they lost a game against a team who got outshot 3:1 while sucking air and shuffling around on jello legs for most of the game.

Fred not Lynn

Dick Button Jr.
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Jul 13, 2005
I was one butt-cheek out of my seat to leave at the end of OT, what with a plane to catch and all. But what a game…

And for all those here who said the Bruins looked tired, I agree, they did - but also, they just looked BETTER. There was a mix of swagger and skill that Calgary just didn’t have.

joe dokes

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Jul 18, 2005
Acc to KPD in the Glob, 54 saves is a regular-season Bruins record. As was the 38-SOG difference.


Found no thrill on Blueberry Hill
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Sep 9, 2008
Does nobody else recognize that his voice and delivery have slowed considerably? Like, he's trying really hard to pronounce words. Something doesn't seem right
Yeah, something might be wrong. He is having word retrieval issues.


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Mar 28, 2009
In the simulacrum
Sometimes I think these game threads are a little hard on Jack. He's 66 years old? Fast paced word retrieval is hardly atypical at that age and it is not like he is broadcasting golf. By a massive margin, hockey is the most challenging sport for play by play. And Jack compounds issues with the fatal flaw of clearly being a Bruins fan. He gets, apparently, too excited to speak correctly. It happens.