12/29: Clippers@Celtics


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Jul 4, 2007
I think you are underestimating the incredible improvement he has made and the limited reps he can realistically do in the offseason given his injuries. He shot 47% FT as a sr and was 72% last year and 67 this year. That is some improvement.
I was referring to TL as a jump shooter. I am well aware of his improved FT shooting. He refuses to shoot more than an occasion jumper, even though he isn’t a horrible jump shooter, at 40% for his career, 38-95.

When he has enough attempts to qualify, he will be the best percentage shooter in the history of the league, so may be taking jump shots is not something he wants to do when he can just dunk and make layups

I’d be happy if he just put the ball on the deck three or four times a game and drove the room