12/23: Celtics vs Wolves


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Jun 26, 2006
Missed the game with no power last night, so just caught up on the highlights.

Both JB and Tatum have another gear they can kick into, but the trick is finding a way to do it without extended iso. They have to attack early in the clock so kicks are available when the help comes.

When Marcus is on and finding them in attacking positions early in the clock, the offense is unstoppable. When I’ve got a million spare hours, I’d love to do analysis of possessions when Tatum/JB bring the ball up into the halfcourt vs Smart/White/Brogdan.


Dec 23, 2020
Made my case. I am on record. Recorded on these pages. Owned.

That poster was saying that there are White detractors - a different topic altogether- but that nuance is lost.
Agree completely. They have a tendency to bring it up slow and go 1-1 a lot. And they are talented enough to score this way, but c’s are so much dangerous when the offense is initiated earlier, with the guards getting them the ball in more preferable spots to attack.