1/12 - Kraken at Bruins


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Mar 18, 2004
(I might still be convinced that Trot Nixon's offensive productivity was cosmically tied to my wife's bowel movements.)

So the sample size was not massive, but large enough to be pretty funny.

But really...your post took me back to the good ole days. Nothing but time to watch every inning of every game.

Ferm Sheller

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Mar 5, 2007
Oh, I'll elaborate:

So somewhere around, let's say, early August of 04 we started to notice a very funny correlation, which was simply that if my wife was watching the Red Sox game with me, Trot Nixon invariably seemed to make mostly just outs, except when she missed his ABs because she had gone to the bathroom. If she was in the bathroom, his on base % was .... maybe not 1.000 but it was really high. It was absolutely uncanny and hilarious because, for the most part, she wasn't thinking about this at all and would just have to go to the bathroom and then she'd be a little miffed that she missed the big offensive event, again from Nixon (a single bringing in the runner from second, a double to the gap, whatever).

And it only applied with Trot Nixon.

The only one time she just took to, you know, ceremoniously going to the bathroom as Nixon left the on deck circle was the AB that resulted in the double off the wall in game 4 of the world series. She waited until then to totally submit to the magical thinking.

In 04 I watched all but a small number of innings in the regular season. She maybe settled in for the fifth to ninth a few days a week in the home stretch. So the sample size was not massive, but large enough to be pretty funny. And it is not like she had giardia or something where she was on the can all summer (Nixon would have been the MVP with a little giardia), it was just every once in a while it would seem to come up.

It was the scatalogical version of having a lucky seat, made more funny because she'd always end up missing the actual hit.
Great story!

(But Trot hit that double because I moved from my lucky Bill Mueller spot on the couch to the recliner -- i.e., my lucky Trot spot -- as Trot was coming to bat.)