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    Stop hoarding TP(E) - the what should the Celtics do with the TPE thread

    FWIW, The Athletic is reporting that the Pistons are sitting Blake Griffin in anticipation of a possible buyout.
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    Red Sox sign RHP Hirokazu Sawamura, 2 yr/$2.4M

    Per Alex Speier, profiles as a 7th inning bullpen arm.
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    C's pick Aaron Nesmith #14 overall

    I know this is jumping to WAY too early of a judgment about Nesmith, but we might have been better off just keeping our three picks and selecting Bane, Pritchard, and Tillman. That would have been a home run of a draft.
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    Red Sox acquire Adam Ottavino and RHP prospect Frank German from Yankees for PTBNL

    Apropos of nothing, "Frank German" is a beautifully redundant name
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    NBA 20/21 season thread

    That didn't take long, even by Kyrie standards
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    Tatum out 10-14 Days per Covid Policy

    Indeed - Maxey shot an impressive 18/33 from the field, with ZERO free throw attempts. That has to be a record of some kind.
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    Might as well start talking about 2021

    If the interest in Semien and Kim is real, I wonder if that means the club isn't all that high on Jeter Downs?
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    NBA 20/21 season thread

    I really hope Danny doesn't fall for the bait. Harden would set back everything the Celtics have been building for the last 3-4 years.
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    Gritty Little White Guys #998

    I was just listening to Bill Simmons's latest "Book of Basketball" podcast, the one about Chris Webber. The entire narrative was about how C-Webb disappointed and underachieved relative to his amazing "tools" -- a lot of wishcasting about the kind of player he COULD have been, had he maximized...
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    The Existential Extension Crisis - Will Giannis Stay in Milwaukee?

    This. In an era when superstars are falling all over themselves to pair up with other superstars, the best Milwaukee could muster was Khris Middleton? Also, maybe this is a bit controversial to say, but Milwaukee hasn't exactly been the best environment for African-American athletes, with at...
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    The Ongoing Tales of World B. Flat

    Uncle Drew visits the Pawn Shop
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    2020 NBA Draft discussion

    This is weird to me, considering we could have easily drafted Matisse Thybulle last year, a player with a similar profile.
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    NBA 20/21 season thread

    This is cruel, moving the team out of the Oracle Arena in Oakland (and leaving behind $40+M of unpaid bills) to trendier/richer San Francisco, then coming out with these jerseys as some kind of weird peace offering.