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    The Rafael Devers Extension Thread

    I think the underlying question there is "who is pitching, and how much are they getting paid?". As a fan, I don't care about individual contracts per se - only that they don't impact the ability of the team to be strong across the board.
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    2021-2022 NBA Game Thread!

    Amen to this. I just loved, loved watching those teams, with Jason Williams (white chocolate!), C-Webb and Stojakovic. The passing was unbelievable.
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    RIP MikeF

    Coming to pay my respects. Mike F is one of those posters who made the SOSH experience so unique to me. His spring reports were just a joy to read, as good a sign as blooming flowers that spring was in the air. I did not know him, but I know I will miss him.
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    Fournier to Celtics (old thread bumped)

    Hardly fortuitous. Fournier is from the Val de Marne suburb of Paris. It's commonly known (in France, that is) as the "94", the two first digits of its zip code.
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    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    Besides the catches and the hot streaks, those walks against CC are among my best memories of JBJ. Count full, some of those pitches were soooo crazily close, to this day I'm shocked he didn't offer. At his best, the kid had a serious batting eye. Godspeed indeed.
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    Liverpool 2020-2021: John Henry Walks Alone

    Matip reminds me of Arsenal's Abou Diaby. Would spend more time at the infirmary than playing - and would play just enough to tease you before getting injured again. Infuriating - though for the player too, I'm sure.
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    Might as well start talking about 2021

    Sounds like the theme of the off-season. I understand fans must be patient, but coming after last year's abomination, the drip-drip of incoming mediocrity has been tough.
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    NBC Sports Network shutting down, sports content headed to USA Network

    I only watched it for Soccer and F1. Every other time, it seemed like they only had some vintage car auction on. With Soccer shifting to Peacock, there didn't seem to be much left there.
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    The Last Dance

    This. I love Pippen and I also thought he was actually portrayed fairly well. Early in the series, Jordan himself says you can't say Jordan without saying Pippen. I mean, if this isn't the highest praise, I don't know what is. The documentary even suggested that the triangle offense worked...
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    The Last Dance

    Yeah, I can attest to this. I spent part of my childhood somewhere in the African countryside. Virtually everybody knew Michael Jackson. Nobody knew Jordan (and I'm a big Jordan fan).
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    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    The entire thing is a little strange. And what to make of MLB selectively ruling some people out? Like (as has been suggested) telling the Sox that it was ok to proceed with Roenicke, or telling the Dodgers that there was nothing to worry about Mookie? How do you (apparently) absolve some...
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    Greened Illusion: Lebron to the Celtics

    You want another "(THE) Decision"?
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    Holley and Keefe with Dale

    Agreed. I was surprised he was that emotional. Can't imagine it's been easy for the guys on this show in particular to be associated with WEEI over the past year. It's like working at a porn shop. With all due respect to porn shops..
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    2/10 Weekend Gamethread

    Boy, the end of this game is excellent.
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    2/10 Weekend Gamethread

    Not a MU fan, but I'm pretty annoyed at how Mourinho is using Pogba. You can't get a player like that and ask him to sit back.