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    Wk. 5 at Washington: We’re on to the Snyders

    Brady is on pace for 450 yards passing and the pass protection has been good...but, yes, besides that they don't look good offensively.
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    Matchweek 9/28 - 9/30

    I disagree with this. Outsdie of Auba, Guendouzi has been their best player this year and Emery has no young options (until Holding/Tierney/Bellerin are fit) to play in the back. Willock and Saka have looked good. I suppose Nelson has been up and down. Pepe needs to settle in and I agree they...
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    Wk. 4 at Bills: We’re on to Buffalo

    Running on second down and long out of 22 personnel is one of the most inefficient play calls in football.
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    Wk. 4 at Bills: We’re on to Buffalo

    I don't see it this way. OL has been good in pass pro. Michel hasn't made anyone miss and is still averaging 4.0 YPC.
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    Wk. 4 at Bills: We’re on to Buffalo

    Burkhead with no touches so far. Need to PA pass on first down and run out of spread. Very predictable personnel groupings in that first half.
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    Wk. 4 at Bills: We’re on to Buffalo

    Ian Eagle is probably the best PxP guy doing NFL games right now.
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    Some changes in NESN Red Sox broadcasting

    I think you guys will like Faust. He's young and really bright. I can't say I've heard him call much baseball but I think he'll do well. Fun fact - Trebrek thinks he would be a good replacement for him on Jeopardy...
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    The Premier Lacrosse League - bringing innovation to American sport

    More importantly the Chernin Group, The Raine Group and Joe Tsai are all investors. So the league should stay afloat for at least a few years. This league is a really good test case for what happens when the players/league and television work hand-in-hand to create the product. The in-game...
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    Rugby? Lacrosse? On Network TV!

    Yes. Paul Rabil (formerly best player in the world and current player in the Premier Lacrosse League) has co-founded a new league. They also have a pretty strong deal with NBC to air the games. In the process he took about 90% of the best players in the world with him from the MLL (the league...
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    Non-revenue college sports thread

    The ratings dictate those decisions (almost all the time). Softball does pretty well. Better than baseball, lacrosse, and some college basketball. Burke Magnus is likely the reason the women's semis were moved to linear. I believe his daughter plays.
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    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Women's semifinals were on ESPNews last night.
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    Jarrett Stidham Rd4 Pick 133

    That's a fascinating critique because I'm sure he threw down the field a lot at Baylor. There are a ton of 9 routes in the Briles offense. I'd be interested to know how much tape the Patriots looked at from Stidham's time at Baylor. That's the same system Garoppolo ran in college...
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    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 4-7 Game Thread - Spoilers Welcome

    It's coincidence. I would strongly encourage anyone that thinks there is a company-wide bias at ESPN to consider how many decision makers are likely Patriots fans. I say this as someone that works for ESPN and is a Patriots fan.
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    Day 2 GAME THREAD: This is more like it

    "Fox Sports said that eight of its 12 commentators for the 2018 World Cup matches are American and only four of them—the teams of John Strong and Stu Holden, and JP Dellacamera and Tony Meola—are actually going to physically be in Russia for the tournament. The rest—Aly Wagner and Derek Rae...
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    College Hockey 2017-2018

    Was really surprised to see their first line struggle like they did. Michigan absolutely earned it tonight.