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    Morosi: Nationals trade Juan Soto/Josh Bell to San Diego

    That was my reasoning, the Mets need another bat, the Dodgers got Gallo? I was hoping Diekman would go with JD to the Mets if it happened to sweeten the return.
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    Morosi: Nationals trade Juan Soto/Josh Bell to San Diego

    Does this make the Dodgers and Mets more edgy to improve? JD and Nate might be looking better and helped raise the asking price
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    2021 NCAA Football

    Fingers crossed, though we finally have a highly regarded H.S. QB enrolled for Spring. We've been living on transfers and scraps the last 10 or so years. Bring Dart and the TE from Fla who entered the portal from SC and we should be okay
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    2021 NCAA Football

    Hope Dart follows Harrell to Morgantown, rumor he may be visiting and at the BB game. Of course, that's a rumor
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    CFB Coach Carousel

    Rich Rod may have had the shortest, not by his own choice. After spending the week in Ohio interviewing with Michigan before choking away the Pitt game to play for the NC, came into a meeting with the players to give a speech. Before he started, a DL said are you leaving, Rod started hemming...
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    CFB Coach Carousel

    Kiffin tweeting a BMW with Louisiana plates, Joey Freshwater making a move next door?
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    CFB Coach Carousel

    With the Florida job now open, with LSU/USC and others, the middle tier schools with openings had better jump quickly for guys like Napier. Going to be more decent job openings than coaches who should be there.
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    2021 MLB offseason - news and notes

    He and Harvey were more interested in being the Dark Knight and Thor than pitching
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    CFB 2021 Week 11: Harbaugh's Game 7 Part II

    Not sure if we could get to 48 against air...LIU doesn't count
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    CFB 2021 Week 11: Harbaugh's Game 7 Part II

    Don't be so sure, the WVU game will be in front of 20k and we look for reasons and ways to lose
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    BC Hoops 21-22

    Hasn't Dudley been the best pro?, Certainly the longest
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    Triston Casas- 2018 Draft #26 overall

    SNHU getting a lot of additional advertising with those blasts
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    2019-2020 General College Hoops Thread

    A true role player, 5th man on the floor
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    2019 Trade Deadline

    Well, it is the Mets, so a maybe??
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    Will be in Split the week of the 9th, need Croatia to win two more to be there for the Semi. Would very much look forward to heavy drinking with the Croatians. Win that, I'd re-arrange my schedule to stay for the final