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    2019-2020 General College Hoops Thread

    A true role player, 5th man on the floor
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    2019 Trade Deadline

    Well, it is the Mets, so a maybe??
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    Will be in Split the week of the 9th, need Croatia to win two more to be there for the Semi. Would very much look forward to heavy drinking with the Croatians. Win that, I'd re-arrange my schedule to stay for the final
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    NBA coaching changes

    Cliff Clavin
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    Sweet 16 Game Thread

    Ouch, that hurts on a Monday morning. Should be a good matchup Nova and WVU. We don't press as hard as we use to, but play a little bit better half court defense. As Huggs says, it comes down to if we can make shots, last year against Gonzaga we missed more than they took I believe and lost
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    The Plan For the #1, er, #3 Overall Pick?

    I agree with the folks above saying Ainge is just seeing what's out there. If someone panics and massively overpays between L.A. and Philly, make a deal. I think something could be done with the Sixers, if both teams are willing to deal in conference, if Colangelo feels he needs Fultz. I really...
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    Tiger Woods arrested for DUI

    Still having problems with his driving And cue the coming rehab for pain killers and alcohol Hopefully there was a waffle house waitress in the passenger seat
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    JBJ activated, Holt to the DL with vertigo

    Didn't Brock have some concussion issues? Maybe it has something to do with that
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    Red Sox Opening Day Roster

    Mid-season pick ups might be Smith, Thornburg, Price and Pomeranz. All without giving anything up
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    What Should We Expect from Reliever Joe Kelly?

    I would imagine Farrell is expecting an ulcer. Kelly just seems like one of those guys that checks all the boxes, but can never reach his perceived potential. Hopefully Milleresque, more likely something quite less. I'm rooting for him
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    Porcello named opening day starter

    Isn't Price starting on the DL already breaking up the lefty's? He can be slotted anywhere when healthy (hopefully)
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    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    To be fair to Bill, he's not sure what planet he's on. His stream of consciousness is a mix of amazing, maddening and scary when doing a game. It must be a handful for the play by play guy
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    Players pulling out of bowl games

    Have no problems with kids sitting out a mid-lower tier Bowl game to protect against injury. My concern is the next progression, once your team hits 2 or 3 losses, do some now sit out the remaining games left in the regular season? It wouldn't hurt a guy like Fournette or McCaffery and their...
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    2016 College Football Week 8: aggy goes down

    what isn't shown clearly on those replays is that the ball was being bobbled and Battle went in to get it. Shoulder hit the head as the receiver was going down. Letter of the law it's a penalty, but as noted, not why the rule was installed. And God forbid if they go to level's of targeting now...
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    Surprised the Dodgers didn't say deal and hang up, no matter who else (besides Kershaw/Seager) were in that trade