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    The Poll: Is Wyc burning Brad- Should CBS be torched at season's end?

    Brad has shown himself to be a very good coach, one capable of developing young talent and maximizing the talents of veterans. There's been a lot of outside factors this year, from guys getting COVID to all the other COVID weirdness of the year, large roster turnover, etc, that plays a role in...
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    Pats Roster Planning: Defense

    Trent Brown was also under control weight-wise during his Patriots tenure, something that hasn't been the case for him everywhere.
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    04/01/21 - Game 1 of the 2021 Season...

    1 game in and the umps are already killing me.
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    These guys again?

    What a snipe
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    March 29 vs. NO

    Ball don't lie.
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    Real Fantasy- Draft

    Evegeni Dadonov (9G, 2A) - Nathan MacKinnon (5G, 17A) - Victor Olofsson (7G, 11A) Jakub Vrana (10G, 8 A)) - Sean Couturier (6G, 10A) - Bryan Rust (8G, 10A) Zach Hyman (8G, 8A) - Elias Lindholm (6G, 17A)) - Nick Suzuki (5G, 12A) William Carrier (0G, 2 A) - Nick Bonino (2G, 3 A) - Kirby Dach (N/A)...
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    The NHL is back on ESPN

    Yeah, this is big. As awful as ESPN is, its reach to the sports audience is massive and simply getting games on ESPN means reaching a lot more eyeballs. All those peoples in bars, airports, etc., are now far more likely to catch a game than relegated to NBC. I think it makes a good deal of sense...
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    3/5 - Washington v2.0

    Watching a notably not juvenile David Krecji easily handle him physically behind the net was telling. He's cooked.
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    3/5 - Washington v2.0

    Someone send that ref a puck sandwich.
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    3/5 - Washington v2.0

    Fucking beauty right there.