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    Euro 2020 Day 9 Game Thread

    Seems like France have more trouble to attack (against lesser opposition) while opponent sits back than playing more defensive like vs Germany. I want to see France vs counter-attacking Portugal. if Hungary holds that 1-0, there could be trouble for one of the Big3
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    Euro 2021 Day 1 Game Thread: Italy v. Turkey

    Chiellini looks like hes 45..since 7 years.
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    Euro 2021 Day 1 Game Thread: Italy v. Turkey

    IDK why, but this match is the most interesting for me in at least the last 12 months… no rooting interest whatsoever.
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    Gameweek 34: Pitch Invaders

    Hansi Flick 19/20 comes to mind.
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    New & Improved: The 2021 Pats Draft Contest!

    So I´ll go with mine being too late... 1 Fields, Justin / QB / Ohio State 2 Lance, Trey / QB / ND State 3 Mond, Kellen / QB / Texas A&M 4 Horn, Jaycee / CB / South Carolina 5 Taylor, Keith / CB / Washington 6 Thomas, Ambry / CB / Michigan 7 Wade, Shaun / CB / Ohio State 8 Radunz, Dillon / OL /...
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    Americans Abroad, 2020-21: The Kids Are Alright

    it‘s go west, yes. In many german arenas fans sing „olé, hier kommt der ...(insert your club/ BVB/FCB/etc.)“ which of course means „olé, here comes BVB!“
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    SoSH Playoff Predictions

    AFC 2 Buf over 7 Ind 3 Pit over 6 Cle 4 Ten over 5 Balt - - - 4 Ten over 1 KC 2 Buf over 3 Pit - - - 2 Buf over 4 Ten NFC 2 NO over 7 Chi 3 Sea over 6 LAR 5 TB over 4 Wash - - - 5 TB over 1 GB 2 NO over 3 Sea - - - 2 NO over 5 TB Super Bowl: 2 NO over 2 Buf, 34 - 30, MVP: Brees (who...
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    Pats QB Options

    What is the tiebreaker if the Pats and 5 (or More) other Teams go 6-10?
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    Americans Abroad, 2020-21: The Kids Are Alright

    In 3.Bundesliga (Augsburg loanee) maurice malone scored a hattrick for Wiesbaden. I dont know if he is interested in USMNT. Just turned 20yo in august.
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    Your Premier League Leaders (as of right this minute) Southampton! Week 8 game thread

    So lets play Pep the DM vs klopp the CB. Pep would be more useful, but he could only play like 50% of the Matches. Klopp would be too Slow, but a nice vocal leader with van Dijk out.
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    2021 Draft: Tank for Trevor - Can NE do it?

    Can the pats lose to the jets? If its YES, then theres a chance, no?!?
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    College Football 2020 Week Six Game Thread

    we will have 4Florida vs 21Texas A&m over here in germany. Any Special prospects to watch? I guess it‘s Pitts and Trask. Buddy Johnson?
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    Matchweek 3

    If that situation happens in midfield, ref would have given it to Leeds or the Sheffield player would have stayed away. In a dangerous area, the "normal" team to receive the ball stays away and the ballwinner (here: Sheffield) kicks it to the opposing keeper or to a defender or out for a...