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    New Site = New App?

    Excuse me, I may have missed this, but I am assuming we should wait to update avatar etc until all is straightened out? #nevermind
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    World Series Prediction Time: who ya got?

    Sox in 6, oh wait I hate going with the majority, that might mean Sox in 5.
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    Introducing our 2018 Auction for the Boston Athletic Academy!

    I am wondering if girls as well as boys are involved as potential athletes in this project? Could you tell me if the Boston Athletic Academy reaches out to them to participate? Thanks.
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    The Magic Number

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    No Game Today

    I'm relieved when there is no game so I can get some work done. But that only goes so maybe the problem with an off day is that it reminds us there's gonna be a lot of them come the days of brisk cold winds and snow. Or whatever your Green Fields of the Mind place is.
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    The Magic Number

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    The Magic Number

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    RED makes a... hologram device?

    Oh, I thought this was about me.
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    The Magic Number

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    The Magic Number

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    Manager's Discretion

    You know, the idea of plunking players intentionally has always seemed just whacko to me. It doesn't matter that it's commonly done or that then we have an "eye for an eye", "send a message," or any of the other macho responses to "My guy got hit." The ump should have thrown out Severino if he...
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    Hanley DFA'd (5/25 Update)

    Maybe you should all read the newest piece from the obnoxious reporter I usually hate but who I kinda agree with here. Shaunghnessy writes: "The move is being applauded by analytics geeks, luxury-tax toadies, and swing-path savants who permeate and pollute the game of baseball in 2018. Swell...
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    ALCS: Yankees vs Astros (Non-Yankees Fan Version)

    It's kinda like Harvey Weinstein being expelled from the Motion Picture Academy. OUT YOU MF
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    ALCS: Yankees vs Astros (Non-Yankees Fan Version)

    I love it when Gardner strikes out.
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    ALCS: Yankees vs Astros (Non-Yankees Fan Version)

    Now we're cooking