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    How Deep Into October Do the Sox Have to Go For You to Consider '18 to Have Been a Success?

    I cant see how it can be called anything other than a success after the season they have had. Yes it will be disappointing if they fail to make a run at the World Series but for me the pleasure in watching this team over the last 6 months will last long in the memory. The World Series is nice...
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    RedSox and Yankees will be in London next year on June 29-30.

    Looking forward to it! Friday and Saturday in London during the middle of summer. Just got to make sure I get tickets.
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    The Super Bowl Thread

    Because although rich beyond averice you need to make more money at the expense of those less well off? Or because the need for more money outweighs your respect for women, disabled, LGBT?
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    WTF Ever Happened to Rich Gedman (and the 1987 Boston Red Sox)

    Good to read about the 87 team as they were my introduction to baseball. I went to 20 odd games that summer whilst in Boston on the Work America student programme. Did not understand much about the game but was won over by the fun in the crowd(bleachers) and the one on one contest between...