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    Can I do a bit of recruiting for a 10U AAU baseball team for the upcoming season? (RI/Southern MA)

    oh for fucks sake, "make the adult decision". totally out of scope purely personal ad hominem attack, what the hell happened to this place? I actually need to respond by saying "what kind of moron tells someone else how to parent their own children on an internet message board?" I'll do you...
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    Can I do a bit of recruiting for a 10U AAU baseball team for the upcoming season? (RI/Southern MA)

    thanks for all of the responses, shall I take all of them as a "no".. in terms of offering an additional player who is hungry to pitch? there were a lot of inferences drawn from my original post, some of which are even relevant. all I can add is as follows: none of these kids will refuse if...
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    Can I do a bit of recruiting for a 10U AAU baseball team for the upcoming season? (RI/Southern MA)

    My son wants to play year round. Surprisingly, a lot of kids do too. He played town all stars last summer then he just kind of...waited for spring. This year he tried out for and was offered a spot on a 10U AAU baseball team that chooses kids selectively instead of taking everyone and...
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    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    so sick of the current state of affairs, existentially, right now. read this thread from the beginning and am starting to experience some form of relief. that said, the entire notion of this shit.../vomit.
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    The World Series and Me

    the CIA doesn't make allowances for the world series? good luck in your mission. I hope your IP is well-masked.
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    ALCS Game 5 Pitching Predictions

    Weighing in: Price surprises with 4 deservedly earned runs over five IP, and: the Sox eff with Mr. Upton and explode for 11. Kimbrel rests, but Erod and or Hembree are overused (waah), and Barnes may get another inning of arm tax depending on event sequence. And then tonight around 12:00 or...
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    Mookieference Call in ALCS Game 4

    This is all so fascinating. Let me clarify: white shirt has his left hand *clearly* in play, but his right hand appears to be (IMO) in the home run area. If I am Stretch Armstrong reaches back ten rows to make a catch while holding other hand directly on the warning track, is he interfering...
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    Mookieference Call in ALCS Game 4

    My only point is that, while trying to be an "interferer" of sorts and extending one or more parts of his body into into the field, White Shirt failed in that his actions (in my view) are not the ones at issue here.
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    Mookieference Call in ALCS Game 4

    I enjoy the call. I will take the call. But I think the area in which Mookie was interfered with belongs to those fans. The fact that some "Bartman-esque" fellow was leaning on the yellow is irrelevant. In short: The call on the field was, in my opinion, wrong. But that said, it was not...
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    Are you worried about the Red Sox?

    As for the division, let's just say I'm not as concerned as I was when this thread was originated. And also very satisfied by the162ish-game investment of my time in and the emotional attention given to a child's game played by men, this being my 36th go round (full disclosure..I did not pay...
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    The Green Fields of the Mind

    it's funny because I feel like the World Series wins really do keep you warm every winter. But every other year...this. Thanks Sheri.
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    Time for a rebuild?

    Brian Fellows is definitely a reasonable response in these tough times. Does a team that trusts Doug FIster (who I love for his contribution this year) in the deciding game of an 0-2 series with Rick Porcello as the primary form of relief seriously have designs on winning the series as opposed...
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    Time for a rebuild?

    I've been saying that for years, i appreciate seeing the quote from someone else, even if it did come from the bottom of the barrel, oh, hi Nip! In all seriousness, the thread is so much easier to handle than it would have been prior to 2004. I have a notion that although the idea is not up my...
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    The 2017 Rotation

    I don't care if it's a mirage, and if he loses to a stud in the playoffs, I won't be at all surprised, but in a season of underperformance, Fister has become my "Must Watch" for the purpose of enjoying every bit he does to stabilize this otherwise underwhelming rotation. Pre 2004, the Sox used...
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    Red Sox bar The Riviera in NYC is closing

    Was back in Boston by 2003 but always took refuge at the Riv during my time living in union square. Sad news. Restauranting in NYC ain't easy...