RI AAU (11u) looking for one more player for spring 2021


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Dec 15, 2002
I got lot of snarky answers last time I posted, but that's what SoSH has always been, so no big deal.

We're a second year team, returning 6 veterans from last year... 5/7 of the best players and two who are small still but are committed and earned their slots

I uninvited 4, including two of our stars, because they/their parents were not worth the team's time.

We have added three new players, two of whom we somehow stole. I need one more to get to eleven. If you know how AAU works, you want 10 on a given day, but you need 11 for the season, unless you are a larger organization overflowing with applicants.

We have full winter indoor capabilities in Cumberland, RI...full outdoor facilities during spring/summer/fall, in one of several locations. High school and college coaches on staff...And the full season for 11u is played on a 50/70 diamond under MLB (read: non little league) rules.

The team is a mix of RI and southern MA all star type players. Happy to discuss in more detail.

Btw, cutoff date is 5/1/2021...Have to be 11 on that date. Let me know if interested.