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    7/25/21-vs. Yankees-Perez vs. German-1 pm

    Yup. That was also a key play. Torres just gave himself up on his way to third once he saw the runner make 2nd. He slowed down as if he did his job and made the out very easy for the Sox instead of running hard to 3rd.
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    Alex Cora-- what do we have here? Perhaps the best manager in baseball.

    On the Arroyo issue, Cora did not deflect. He said he earned it /deserved to be in the line up. He did not say he wanted to be, though obviously, CA did. I think we can all agree on that and that 1st base was the obvious next move to upgrade after the Duran call up. Unfortunately, CA did not...
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Easton caught the throw from Tartabal and blocked Ken Berry off the plate to end a game. Always loved Ned’s call on the album but never knew it was Howard making the tag till many years later.
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    Your top “almost-a-Red-Sox”

    Mays played in the same park as the Sox minor league team. Barons/Black Barons. I believe “can’t hit a curveball” was an excuse.
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    Joe McDonald: Duran coming up

    Let’s get serious. There may not be a new moon on monday , but a few blast leaving planet earth would make this not such an ordinary world. I am ready for some greatest hits so let’s get these wild boys going again. In before the lock.
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    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    The great Reggie Smith will be honorary coach for the NL All-Star team. Dave Roberts called him and asked him for a favor and told him he had to say yes. Reggie hit the first Sox HR I ever saw at Fenway, Aug ‘71 off of Dick Drago.
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    July Game Thread

    Those must be minor league at bats. Camarena has only been in 2 mlb games after 11 years in the minors (a Yankee draftee). He was recalled yesterday. The last time a pitcher hit a Grand slam for his first hit was 1898.
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    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    Nice. I’ll throw in the baserunning (BsR) stat from Fangraphs. Sox are tied for #3 in the AL with the Rays at +4.2 runs. They are actually a good baserunning team.
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    June Game Thread

    JBJ got 2 hits in the 8th inning. A ringing double broke a 4-4 tie with the Cubs. Brewcrew scored 10 in the inning.
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    June Game Thread

    Nats-Phillies Schwarber just hit his 9th HR in 10 games. A 3 run shot on the second pitch from reliever Bradley to make it 5-5. The starter Valasquez had K’d him twice. Bryce Harper has10 rbi on his 10 HRs this year.
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    June Game Thread

    Ohtani vs Gausman today on mlb network. Great matchup potential.
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    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    Rick Wise honored in Philly today on the 50 year anniversary of his 2 home run, no hit game vs the Reds. He threw out the first pitch to Larry Bowa.
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    June Game Thread

    2nd game in a row Fairbanks was on the hill for the walk off Johnson
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    June Game Thread

    Taijuan Walker gave up 2 ER in 7 innings last night (with a career high 12 k) yet the Mets home starter ERA went up. It was 1.69 entering the game.
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    June Game Thread

    Stunning road woes for 4 teams right now. Arizona has lost 20 in a row. Balt has lost 16 in a row. Rangers have lost 17 of 18. Rockies have lost 27 of 32. That a 6-80 record over those stretches of ineptitude.