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    Krejci heading back to Czech Republic

    It was great watching Krejci for all these years. The next few years are going to be tough as Bruins fans with this generation declining and retirements. I guess Chara was a preview but for a few of us, Bergeron is going to be surreal. Krejci is similar and hope he has great times at home...
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    Tuukka or not Tuukka. That is that question

    What are the chances these veteran journeymen goalies are any good? Rask’s injury is the perfect chance to get a look at both Vladar and Swayman to start the year. Then, if Vladar is great or both are great Swayman can go down to Providence. But if Swayman is great, you can waive or trade...
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    Bruins Round 2 Thread- New York Islanders

    I think it was a hard decision for Cassidy but, ultimately, I’m with you. He made the wrong one. There were goals last night that a healthy Rask gets. They didn’t lose the series because of Rask. As discussed up thread, he was overall good. (The forwards made them lose) But they may have...
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    Bruins Round 2 Thread- New York Islanders

    The 2015 draft is very bad. I’m not going to defend it. However, Zboril was not an overdraft. Debrusk and Senshyn were. If you think Sweeney should be fired, sure, I can see it. I don’t, the team has been good and...
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    Bruins Offseason Thread

    Carlo’s value is reduced in general now and most teams aren’t looking to take on D at this time. (as the expansion draft is meant to break them free for Seattle) I guess if you could find a team with a spot you could get a 3rd or 4th round pick, maybe? Edit: I’d target replacing with Larsson...
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    Bruins Offseason Thread

    Re-sign Hall and another 2nd line forward. I would not protect Carlo (based on injuries) and if chosen, would sign a second pair D to replace him. Insert Frederic into the bottom 6. Studnicka probably takes the 2C role.
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    6/9–Bruins at Islanders Game 6–Not Done Yet

    It definitely did not work with Ritchie. They need to rework their role players though. Ritchie and Kuraly need to be re-evaluated and they need to assess where Wagner fits overall. Some general thoughts: I’d like to see Frederic in the bottom 6 regularly. Studnicka looks better at center...
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    6/9–Bruins at Islanders Game 6–Not Done Yet

    If you keep hitting, they’ll stop calling them eventually. The Blues series showed that. The bottom 6 just provided absolutely nothing from skill to grit to even speed. The D is young and was hurt. 2015 draft is a disaster but not sure there are other big draft issues.
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    Bruins Round 2 Thread- New York Islanders

    And the D were very injured. But the bottom 6 were awful. Beyond not producing, they were outskated, outhit and overall useless.
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    6/3 - Y'Hall Ready for This?

    Terrible goal. Very soft. He’s been great, but that’s an awful goal
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    5/31- Game 2 Islanders @ Bruins

    3 Lucky goals (against) in the same game? Wow. Get em’ Thursday. Brutal.
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    5/29- Game 1 Islanders @ Bruins

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    Bruins Round 2 Thread- New York Islanders

    Awesome, have to imagine it will be nice for them to be able to hang out if they choose in 2 weeks. By my count, that would be round 3 if they make it.
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    Bruins Round 2 Thread- New York Islanders

    I’m guessing, but here’s my interpretation: They have less than 85% with 1st shots or fully vaccinated. Therefore, “filling in” means that in addition to the group getting their second shots, they need 1 or 2 people that are unvaccinated to get a shot this week to get to the required 85%...
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    5/15 - Hall Aboard the Playoff Train

    Ugh. Hall and Debrusk were the best forwards. McAvoy on D. Gryz also had moments