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    Celebrating What Is

    Happy anniversary.
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    It never gets old - reflections on Oct 17-20, 2004

    It doesn’t match your description, but it’s worth a rewatch. View:
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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    Didn’t know where to put this. Michael Porter Jr says COVID is actually a plan for population control. He also claims to never have been vaccinated even though college required it.
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    Celebrating What Is

    A friend just posted this on Facebook. Love it.
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    Covid and MLB

    Here’s a vid View:
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    Restraining order issued against David Ortiz

    WEEI reports he has a restraining order against her as well
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    Celebrating What Is

    Why we should celebrate Deflategate?
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    Red Sox greatest Stolen Base

    How can you beat a free taco? View:
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    “Here comes the pizzer“ is now a teenager!

    Just because I’ve been looking for that eclipse clip and this one made me laugh View:
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    “Here comes the pizzer“ is now a teenager!

    I wish I could find a clip, but that time they were discussing an upcoming lunar eclipse and Don though the sun came between the earth and the moon.
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    Best Red Sox Closer: Nominees

    And because no discussion of Koji would be complete without this View:
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    Red Sox Greatest Out/Putout

    I was at the game but I’ve never been able to find a clip. In 2004, during a game against the Dodgers. Pokey made this amazing leaping catch to save at least a run. I’ve always remembered Dave Roberts was the batter, but in trying to find a clip, I found this article - Alex Cora was on first...
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    Baseball on Television

    McCarver “I’ve never seen Buchholtz pitch so deliberately” Me “Really??”