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    Deadspin is Burning

    "You're goddamn right it's layering season" was a sports story (a Jambaroo).
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    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    One of your first posts here you told people to "come at you."
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    4G Android phone megathread

    I'm on Verizon with no ambition to leave, and would like to get a Google pixel 2 (not the XL). what's the pros/cons from getting it from either google or Verizon? Price looks to be the same. I assume that verizon will add its usual bloat, which yuck. but is there any other advantage to...
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    RIP Roy Halladay

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    Bud Norris to Latinos: respect the game

    Is this the same Bud Norris respecting the game:
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    Sons, Sam, and Horn, L.L.P.: Brady Case LEGAL ISSUES Only

    Thanks. I think he's just throwing bombs without looking closely at what happened. He just claimed that Brady was represented by his agent... so I will just back away slowly.
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    Sons, Sam, and Horn, L.L.P.: Brady Case LEGAL ISSUES Only

    Hi, I'm a lurker, but this thread has been fascinating and extremely informative, so thanks. I have a friend on facebook (mild acquintance I've never met in person), that's a labor lawyer (and I think 100% on the side of labor and never management).  He thinks that Berman left himself open to...
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    2015 Seahawks: Our offense doesnt need Lynch, Graham or Rawls

      Concussion is misspelled in Brady's ad.  Just one more example of how he's one step ahead of his opponents/future legal troubles.
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

        I'd love to know what Peter thinks Boyer was ruminating over during that pause.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Was the 12th ball for Edelman to throw in case they ran that trick play again?   [gas on the fire]
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    Android Tablet Thread

      Another data point: My original Nexus 7 has slowed down tremendously after getting lollipop.  I wish I could go back.
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    So Peter, who reported as fact the league/Goodell seeing the Ray Rice tape, is going to lead the charge to demanding facts that support an opinion about Goodell lying?  Weird.
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    iPhone 6 - BFD

      I have an android wear watch (LG G) for about a month now, and so far this is the only feature that has wow'd me on it. It's basiclally a remote for my phone.   The Apple watch, as expected, seems a little more functional (so far).
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    Joe Posnanski: your new Senior Writer for SI (Not No More, He Ain't)

    Is his podcast only available via itunes? (sad android user face)
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    Bill Simmons: Good Luck With Your Life.

    The RS author listed some other things Simmons talked about in the interview that didn't fit into the profile.