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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 2 at the Jets

    For 3 down, I'd say: O-line, D-line, O-line. The Jets run game was pretty substantial until it was clear that Wilson was an INT factory, and kept them in the game. I expect a lot of short games this year, with the Pats running and play action short passing game, versus other teams running til...
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    Patriots Injury News and Updates

    Excellent, thanks for the the citation. The Patriots website also mentions Billy Yates as assistant OL coach in his first year, coming over after time with the Lions, presumably with Patricia's stamp of approval. Yates has a fascinating Patriot story - practice squad for the entire 2004 season...
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    Patriots Injury News and Updates

    I I wouldn't say he's the sole difference, but as with most teams, you're often as good as your depth. The expectation prior to free agency is that the Pats OL would be pretty well decimated. We'd be losing Thuney and Andrews to free agency, and needed to load up elsewhere (TE and WR) on guys...
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    David Patten passes away

    And we liked it. Patten, along with Troy Brown, was of the original Pats dirtdog receiver reclamation projects - undersized for the position, originally undrafted, hung around the league until landing in New England, absolutely blossoming under Belichick. All the talent in 2001 was on the D...
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    When The Patriots Were The Punch Line - Alternative Title: Be Grateful, You Have No Frigging Idea How Bad They Once Were

    I was a (front-running) WFT fan in the 80s, with the specious reasoning that I was born in Maryland, though I'd lived near Boston virtually my whole life. The Pats were middling at that time, but I enjoyed their run to SBXX, especially Squish The Fish. By the 90s, I was following the Pats as my...
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    Pats Preseason: Offense Edition

    Both Yodney and Herron looked totally reasonable as tackles, even with a couple of holds on that 17(!) play drive, and they're the backups. The O-line remains an incredible strength even after losing Thuney.
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    Pats Draft Rd.1/15: QB Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones

    Also check out how goddamned long Mac had to allow his receivers to get open. I just got a chance to watch the Thu 8/19 preseason game, and I was gobsmacked by how incredibly good the line looked. This isn't just about the line though - Mac's pocket movement was very natural on the plays where...
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    NFL announces new punishments for games that are PPD for covid next season

    "Yea cutting arguable the best slot in the league is wise. Especially when the slot is such a significant role in this offense." The Bills are going to cut Tyreek Hill? Or, to not be quite so pedantic, the Bills are going to cut their best slot receiver, Isaiah McKenzie?
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    Jets: Ride Saleh Ride

    More than stop, ZW allegedly offered to pay her to get off Instagram. I do not blame him one bit - the last thing the Jets need is one more distraction at the QB position.
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    NCAA vs. Alston: Supreme Court unanimously rules against NCAA

    It looks like even the most die-hard NCAA supporters want no part of crafting any supporting laws or an anti-trust exemption for the NCAA.
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    Kemba Walker + 2021 First Round Pick to OKC for Al Horford, Moses Brown

    He's Robert Williams, but 6 inches taller. Having athletic length as an option vs. Embiid or Giannis is worth the flyer.
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    Kemba Walker + 2021 First Round Pick to OKC for Al Horford, Moses Brown

    This aspect of the trade fascinates me, with opposing players dominating the C's in a game, immediately becoming the apple of Trader Danny's eye. The guy that most resembles this in recent years would be Kemba himself, with two games in 2019 where he went nuts. I remember this game in...
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    Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    They've grown up being told they're exceptional, physically and mentally. They've spent countless hours honing those gifts to perfection. They're getting paid millions to BE exceptional. They are hometown heroes, literally the greatest athletes in the history of their towns or schools. Beyond...
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    Thank you Danny Ainge

    100%. Watching helplessly as 'Sheed, Big Baby and KG got repeatedly run over by Gasol and Kobe, allowing the latter to shoot 25% and still score 23 points thanks to 15 FTs (11 made) hurt a lot. By no means was this Danny's fault, but it was what it was.
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    Thank you Danny Ainge

    The dirt-dog as a player became a dirt-dog as a GM - always seeking, always tweaking. Despite the hemming and hawing in recent years about not making one more big trade, it's impossible to get em all done, especially after fleeces like: June 26, 2003: Selected Troy Bell (1st round, 16th pick)...