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    Arsenal 2019-2020 - Because Thursday Games are the Best Way to Start the Weekend

    You gotta fight for your right to Partey. (That's all I've got, except to say that I still don't quite believe Auba will sign a contract extension, which could change the dynamics of whether Laca is expendable in a swap deal.)
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    2020 PGA Tour

    I know, but my assumption has been that because the PGA of America has fallen in line with the PGA Tour and won't have any fans at Harding Park next month, the USGA will likely fall in line with what's happening on the PGA Tour as well. And although Augusta National seemed pretty insistent in...
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    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    I wonder what the science is behind the new Oakley Mouth Shield: J.J. Watt isn't a fan, certainly:
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    Stanford Cutting 11 Varsity Sports Programs

    FWIW, speaking as a former member of the Harvard golf team, I wasn't recruited - I happened to be a decent-ish golfer who was accepted into the school before I had my first conversation with the golf coach. Things have changed somewhat since the early 90s when I started college, insofar as the...
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    Diary of a commentator

    FWIW, I've just received my first confirmed commentary assignment since the lockdown started - on August 13 and 14 (Thursday/Friday) I'll be doing world feed commentary the delightfully named "Top Seed Open presented by Bluegrass Orthopaedics", the new WTA event in Lexington, Kentucky. That's...
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    2020 PGA Tour

    FWIW, my understanding was that by "the season" the PGA Tour means through to the end of the FedEx Cup playoffs, and not through to the end of the year given that the new wraparound season starts shortly thereafter. So it's still possible they might have fans at The Masters (and the US Open, for...
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    2020 Golf Thread

    Congratulations. Time to break 80 now!
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    2020 PGA Tour

    I completely agree, although I am starting to wonder what a fan-free major is going to feel like and how it will compare with these normal events. At least the PGA Championship (least important of the four majors) gets to be the guinea pig for the US Open, which in turn will help Augusta...
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    July NHL News---Will we really play hockey?'s been a while since I last commentated on him, so I wouldn't like to guess where he is as a player now. He had all the offensive tools a few years ago when he was first acquired by CSKA Moscow, and in the last two years he's converted that promise into more production (30 and 33 goals...
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    July NHL News---Will we really play hockey?

    I've commentated on more than a few KHL (and Olympic) games in which Kaprizov played, and played very well relative to that level of competition - I'm really looking forward to seeing how he transitions to the NHL, although of course these aren't exactly the ideal circumstances in which to...
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    2020 PGA Tour

    This. I had literally just finished serving dinner to my family and was getting ready to sit down at the table when JT made his putt, and I ushered everyone back into the living room to show it to them. Then I hung around until Morikawa made *his* putt, and I just about did it again...
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    Covid and MLB

    Sorry - yes, I should clarify that fake crowd noise *added to a broadcast* is what really sucks. As long as you're getting the same noise that is actually there in the venue - i.e., what the players are hearing - that's what I'm after.
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    ESPN Is Pathetic

    Being discussed elsewhere:
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    Covid and MLB

    Fake crowd noise sucks. It's an admission that the sport you're watching isn't actually entertaining enough in and of itself and needs steroidal enhancement to be palatable.
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    2020 PGA Tour

    I rather doubt it was available after 6 p.m. ET on NBC Gold, insofar as I'm sure Sky Sports here in the UK would have continued to show the coverage if it had carried on, but we went dark as well. In fairness to The Golf Channel, I'm sure they're trying to do a lot with very limited resources...