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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    You can park at the Pru Parking Garage, and with your Red Sox Ticket the cost is $18.00. 20 minute walk to Fenway. Basically mid-way between Fenway and Garden.
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    Green Fields of the Mind

    I don’t know why I am so surprised by how much I miss baseball now, as it was a tremendous season that brought so much joy and intensity. But in the evening, just as it is time to settle in for the evening I miss not having the Sox on the screen. It’s as though my good friends have moved away...
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    No Game Today

    Just think about what Cora is facing on his off day. Dinner with Pedroia and his iPad and videos. I would love to be able to hear that conversation. I miss Dustin.
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    Chelsea Favreau (daughter of SoSHers) Scholarship Fund

    Done. Thanks OJ for all the work behind the scenes to make this happen. Please tell Jamie and Kristine that we are thinking of them at this most difficult time of year.
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    2017 Michigan Football - I-Rashan-al Exuberance

    Pleased to win and the defense looked good but let's remember Florida was missing two of their key offensive threats so it is still early. I'm not sure that if they had more offensive weapons the Gators might have done more damage to the defense. At least that is what my crying Gator friends are...
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    Pedro on Papi in The Players' Tribune

    Thanks for posting the article LogansDad. I didn't know it was possible to miss Papi more, but that article just brought a swell of heartache. I cherished his at bats last season, and the tears of his last game at Fenway. We were very fortunate. I look forward to Friday night, and ovation after...
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    Truck Day 2017

    Great to see you awake and on guard early in the am. Given there is a snowstorm in New England today, not sure including the 71 degree temperature for the early am was your kindest move. Enjoy the boys while they are playing in your backyard and we await photos.
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    Stanley Cup Finals

    Long time since a championship win in Pgh. Only @ 18,000+ seats in the house that Crosby built. That will be a tough ticket to scrounge up. Go Pens.
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    Truck Day Fort Myers

    Weather forecast is for -17 tonight in NH, and that is without considering the windchill. It is a mitzvah that you posted the photos. See you Opening Day.
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    Steelers/Broncos Gamethread

    If the Steelers can give the Broncos that much trouble without their top two running backs, their top WR, and Ben shot up on pain killers, what can I say. The Pats are going to crush the orange. Go get 'em Brady. BB will draw up defenses that will make Peyton cry. Go Pats.
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    Want Pliny? Help My Godson get a Kidney

    Way to go Harrison. In a few years, we'll make sure that Old Fart brings Harrison to as SoSH Bash sd I assume Ortiz's final game might be a tad too soon. Great news.
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    Want Pliny? Help My Godson get a Kidney

    Donated. No PLINY needed. I would also suggest leaving the thread up on the main board for awhile longer, given the revisions to SOSH this month it may take folks a little longer to find this thread and get themselves to the link on the first post. Close to the $45,000 mark, another $5,000 to...
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    Fenway Park changes: 2015

    I'll add some observations. Beware, if today is indicative of future games the entrance, at least thru Gate E, had lines that I have never experienced at Fenway. They need to get their act together, both the bag search lines, and the "no bag" line had long waits an hour before game time.   The...
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    2014 Michigan Football: Dammit Jim, we need a Harbaugh. And a miracle worker.

      Whoa, Mike, we have all suffered over the past years - not just the men - all Michigan alum.    Here's to a renewed rivalry of meaning, but until then...   Roll Tide.
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    We're Talking Baseball: 2014 Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball - SOLD OUT AGAIN!!!

    A friend from Detroit has bailed on coming in for the seminar. Send me a pm if you are interested in attending, I'll be there so I can meet you on Saturday morning with the ticket.