<p>I'm a married father of 3 living in Essex Vermont (I also grew up here). <br>
I've lived in Bristol RI ('93-'94),Ellington, CT ('98- worked in Bristol), Brookline, MA ('99- worked at the East end of Newbury St.) and Montpelier VT ('00-03).<br><br>
I'm an Architectural Intern working on becoming a Registered Architect. I've been working for the same firm in Stowe, VT for 16 years. Our work is primarily residential though we also do some commercial work.<br><br>
I followed the Red Sox growing up but not very closely until '99 when I lived in Brookline Village for a year. I followed the Pats and Bruins more closely than the RS back then.<br><br>
I rooted for the Flyers in the mid-ninetys because of John LeClair (UVM Hockey was a big deal in Burlington area).<br><br>
My first real fanacical experience with the RS was watching the postseason in '99. I've been pretty much hooked since then.<br><br>
I love the Red Sox. I love this website. I spend too much time on this website.</p>
Oct 15, 1975 (Age: 48)
Heart of the Green Mountains


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