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    Al Horford - the Celtics' Resurrected Saviour of the Season

    Terrence Ross. Gallo is pretty low on this, which is no surprise. Also his face is hidden in the chart behind Ben McLemore, but looks like Theis graded pretty low on this too.
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    Thanks! Just trying to wrap my head around it. The cap rules are mind throbbing at times.
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    And then you have take back salary or the receiving team needs cap space, in which case why is the Cs TPE involved? Is there a real world example of a team who used a TPE to only generate a new TPE?
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    Can someone explain how this scenario would work where you are only left with a new TPE? I thought to generate a new TPE, you need to send salary out to another team with salary cap space or another tpe.
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    2022 NBA Draft: The Life of Paolo

    Sam Vecenie's latest draft notes include speculation that there will be a lot of trade movement in the 30's, with team prioritizing 2-way and draft and stash players over higher upside players. I would expect the C's to be in this boat too, but perhaps it won't be as prohibitive to trade up this...
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    Celtics vs. Heat, Round 3 Discussion

    Woj says Timelord will be coming off the bench.
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    NCAA Tournament First/Second Round Thread

    OT. C’mon USF!
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    NBA Standings Watch

    The 7 seed plays 10, 8 plays 9. Short of Toronto collapsing, the only likely way they play Toronto is if both Atlanta and Charlotte pass Brooklyn who are up 2 games on both.
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    2021-2022 NBA Game Thread!

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    21/22 Red Claw Thread

    But Nesmith is a flame-throwing shooter, who shoots 50% from 3!
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    16 Days in January—Determining Trade Deadline Activity

    Agreed. Muscala would be a great fit for spacing. The advanced metrics even like his D this season. The two blockers are that there seems to be a real mutual admiration between Muscala and the OKC organization, so he might not be available for as cheap as we would expect. He also has a stress...
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    16 Days in January—Determining Trade Deadline Activity

    You can't combine Bol or Dozier in aggregated trades. They can only be traded individually because they were recently traded for. But I am curious, with all the media focus on Schroeder and other player moves to get under the cap, why the obvious move isn't to clear these roster spots with cash...
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    16 Days in January—Determining Trade Deadline Activity

    Fair point. Dinwiddie could be getting a bad rap unjustly in all this, but still best to avoid given all other factors. The Wizards guard that would make some sense for the Cs is Aaron Holiday who is also reportedly available. He reminds me of how annoying Mario Chalmers was for the Heat. And...
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    16 Days in January—Determining Trade Deadline Activity

    Agreed. Hard to see the fit in a PG shooting worse than Marcus and is reportedly being run out of the locker room by his teammates. One interesting note is that his contract fits exactly to the dollar into the Evan Fournier trade exception, so perhaps Brad can become a facilitator in some way...